Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bad Friends

Homophobic Friends from WayDownEast on Vimeo.

Another reason to hate Friends — constant homophobia.

Noise, inequality and more!

All of the Midwest noise band Duotron's Mp3s for free, along with music from the same folks as Monotrona, Dot Dot Dot and MATH.

Nestor Makhno was an anarchist who fought against both the Whites and the Reds in the Russian Revolution. Since finishing Orwell's Homage To Catalonia, I've been on a big anarchism kick.

Also, Lyube wrote a song about him. Maybe I can get AK and Her Kalashnikovs to perform it (though I have no idea what the lyrics mean).

Speaking of anarchists, Wikipedia's Post-Left Anarchy is interesting, even if all contemporary anarchists strike me as dilettantes and posers.

Machinegun Kelly reps Cleveland ("Come and see both of our buildings") over tight, hooky beats. I wish Matt G would tighten up and rep this hard.

Subjective Well-being and the Curse of Conspicuous Consumption finds that in rural India, people's attempts to keep up with the Joneses sabotage their long-term happiness.

Also, still lovin' Das Racist.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Collie Angel

Collie Angel from Marble Mummy and Matt G.

One of the best parts of getting back to Michigan was seeing Matt G., who gave me a sweet haircut and told me about this Collie Angel joint that Marbs left in my comments.

Apparently, Matt G. went to this garage sale or something and found this horrible little statue of an angel that someone'd replaced the head on, slapping a porcelain collie on there. He picked it up, because WTF?, but then found it way too creepy to keep around the house. It's haunting some other friend of his now, its dead dog eyes staring down unblinkingly.

That's the statue, this is the tape.

Ten Thousand Hours of Community Service

This MetaTalk question about the boundaries of self/friend-linking on Metafilter got me thinking about a podcast run by James Ilgenfritz. I've known him for over ten years, I think he's a good guy, but it's not like we've spoken in a long time. I don't know what neighborhood he lives in or anything.

But I found out about the podcast from James himself, through facebook. We're facebook friends. So I was going to post a comment in the thread saying basically that, and if it seemed cool I might post something about him once I get through listening to the podcast — I wouldn't want to recommend it unless I'd actually listened to all the content there. (That's part of why I don't link to that many things — I like to go through it all first. Stuff that might suck just goes on the blog.)

Anyway, to make this comment, I start to Google "James Ilgenfritz," and everything that comes up is about the bassist. But the front page of his site didn't have an obvious link to the podcast itself (the big one goes to the RSS), so I went back to Google and hit the spacebar once, and it autosuggested James Ilgenfritz Munhall.

Now, Ilgenfritz is a pretty rare name, right? So, I was curious. Turns out there's some cop in Munhall that shares poor James Ilgenfritz's name, and while the news stories that pop up don't mention him specifically, the comments allege that he was banging a 17-year-old girl, and there's a federal civil rights lawsuit out on him.

Avant garde bassist in double life shockah!