Sunday, October 06, 2013


All the trains on one track. Had to cosign a Latino dude's explaining to white people. The white people start cheering hurray! for somebody on the stairs. They're all chatting now, and I accidentally make eye contact with some dude who's trying to sell the rest on going to Big Wangs in NoHo. I shake my head; he says, "He knows what I'm talking about." It's not happening. I'm not cosigning that.

They keep cheering. I ask if it's someone's birthday. They guy says yeah, but they'll cheer at anything. I say, "It's easy to feel enthusiastic about public transit."

I've had the kind of night with an open bar and the crashing of a bat mitzvah (in a morally edifying way). Mike and his FBI roommate are good role models and answer questions while I bond with some 13-year-old named Josh about the Walking Dead and Avatar: Legend of Kora.

The crowd in the subway's from the Midwest; someone's demanding of a chubby bearded guy if he was "In Michigan on a Target binge."

First guy yells, "It's a train!"
Second guy yells, "That or a Highlander!"
First girl yells, "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!"

Some kid on the train looks like my platonic ideal of Darius, fat and high, with a metal t-shirt and a canvass elephant bag that says, "Don't forget — Reuse!" He looks baked and environmentally conscious.

That same group got on my train.
First girl: "Oh man, Star Wars!"
First guy: "Actually, Shaft."
First girl: Oh yeah!"
First guy: "They transition, actually."
First girl: "Yeah, yeah."

God, someone who specializes in artisinal muggings could make a killing at this station.

I keep trying to not walk right behind the birthday girl from that group, like, wow, what's that new Jon's signage I've never admired from across the street before? but she keeps slowing down more and more the closer we get to Hollywood. I turn towards Cheetah's instead.

There's a limo across the sidewalk at Cheetah's, some fat guy in a shiny shirt with one button buttoned and plenty of tanned, hairless belly is pouring out of the door as I walk up and he says loudly, "I'll show you Silverlake!" and points at me, a drunk guy in a suit with a holographic paper tophat.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Germans, synths, ontology, rap, who knows

Is Germany "Hanging on to Mutti," with reflexive conservatism letting Merkel slide into another term?

Beyond the Black Rainbow

Chance the Rapper — 10Day.

Nicholas Galanin

As Prop. 8 comes back into the news, the Prop. 8 Report is worth reading.

Broken Houses by Ofral Apid.

Toys That Kill have an album out, uh, new last year.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wait, really? That many tabs?

What would have happened if people refused police sweeps in Boston.

Delicatessen With Love is another project from Gabriela Galimberti about grandmas and food.

Gerhard Richter's Atlas Sheet 11, 1963.

Innovative Leisure's blog.

Markov Spam Poetry

He raised his hands in laughing protest.
She smiled at him as one would at a conceited child.
Who is most wonderfully versed in war.
Messenger. These letters come from your father.
The formidable beak of a cuttlefish was open over Ned Land.
Thou needest not his cure.
At this moment Coupeau entered.
Raskolnikov continued to look at him in silence.
Why he was the last of the Gray Dogs is now to be told.
Chicago began to have visions of winning the pennant.
Clinton, Sir Henry, campaigns.
Shearer cast a glance at the river. He needed to be told no more.
On Him, existence without hope has closed.
Ye wait for his inspiration.
Elsie explained to her what was wanted.
ENSEMBLE. She will tend him etc.
Gent. She is importunate, indeed distract.
Perfetta. It really was too bad.
It is my duty, Major.
Il sent sa laideur fondre a ces mots de soleil. . .
Into the hidden corners of the past.
Ein blutig Opfer fuer der Griechen Heil.
And God reposed within her virgin heart.
And fling off hope, and enter at the gate.
Empire national anthems.
His day is marching on.
Tennessee by the pioneers.
The poor wretch only howled.
What this detested Jacobin hath done.
Majorca was obedient to the third.
Having been hitherto accustomed to obey, I ventured to dismiss Mr.
Monitor of Thuringia.
Because he did not of his Rome despair.
But Peggy was not to be drawn away.
She broke into a ripple of laughter.
Donal opened the window, took up the cabinet, and threw it out.
The graves of me mateys there, the grim, sour graves.
Stafford turned with a wave of the hand towards Copplestone.
Presently he roused himself, and began to look about again.
All safe. Then gave he quick commands to all.
Her words startled him.

Crash Course in Great Gatsby.

Maybe I'll get my cameras fixed here.

Sub $50 fountain pens.

Did I say eschersketch before?

Recess Records on soundcloud.

Nice LA darkroom.

How "The Fucking Hipster Show" devalues structural communication about class and gentrification.

Two plants from one genome — plants are weird.

Options for the court on marriage.


Basquiat money laundering.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I keep it fresh with my linkdumps

Gary Winograd's street shots: Mirror of self or world?

DJ Bonez McCoy's Trill Ass Car Mix vol. 10 or so.

Guess what? We tortured people. National shame.


A whole goddamn LFO album:

Do Afghan Women Need Saving? Interesting paper on relativism, autonomy and futility.

LA as Subject Weekly.

Interview on internet communities, circa '96.

Volokh folks on Miranda and Boston Bombers. More on Miranda and Boston.

Electrical banana and psych art.

Don't let Boston fool us into thinking war hawks are right.

Digital Public Library.

Glenn Greenwald on "why call Boston terrorism?" vis a vis other recent mass killers.

Elizabeth Harper KILLING IT 'All the Saints You Should Know' on feminism and self-mortification. Seriously, if I didn't know her, I'd have this up on MeFi tout de suite.

Residential art signs by Stanley Marsh. Marsh is best known for the Cadillac Stonehenge in Amarillo, Tx.

Topoquilts (note: Steal this idea.)

Rosa by Grimes. I didn't like Grimes when I first heard her, but finding out she doesn't always do the ethereal voice stuff (which sounds too much like Christmas music from children to me) has made me interested in finding more.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

I don't always have 40 tabs open

Deerhunter finally sounds like what I always wanted from Deerhunter albums: A bit more crunch.

"Bunnystyle" K-Pop from D:

Hackers automate hack writing.

Even though it never really goes anywhere, it's a great beat.

Ruth Barcan Marcus on consistency and dilemmas (TL;DR — inconsistencies are inherent to any moral structure). Also she should wrestle as "Barkin' Marcus," since that's a great name.

Black Tamborine fuzz pop yeah

Sun Dial fuzzy yeah but more My White Bicycle kinda psych.

The Boredoms and Fall are a bad sell for Go Genre Everything, but they're still good. They're rock with some Aussie Lora Logic vocals.

Remember the Iraq War? The Washington Post would like to politely not.

Marriage for same-sex couples via state's rights might be pyrrhic.

VICE, AIDS, Disney musicals.

The social science of our vicious, weird, gouge-y forebears .

If you've ever had a hankering for some kinda hallucinated nostalgia for a more innocent Ke$ha, Charlie XCX fills that contemporary desire.

What kind of data can we gather from internet usage in authoritarian regimes? (TL;DR: Who knows, but here're some interesting inferences.)

Bitch Magazine on traditional marriage.

Code Cartooning. Itsa tumblr.

The new The Knife album the shit.

The Dalai Lama got paid by the CIA. Also, Tibet/theocracies: Fucked up? Yeah.

The 100 most influential singles of the '60s. Yeah, it's Some Guy's List, but I'm enjoying listening to these and seeing him make his case. God love the internet.

Awesome Tapes from Africa is exactly that.

Monday, January 21, 2013

"You are a toad eater and a fawner."

Martin Luther brings the zings.

Whitney Hubbs

Not my favorite, but decent article on the danger of analytics. Are we only what we can measure?

Rap battle.

Visual playlist ("Watching Windows") by We Find Wildness. These names are pretty much perfect signifiers.

Hmm. Glass lens Holga? Really what bugs me about the Holga is the amount of light you lose through the plastic; I gotta imagine I'll still get fogginess through shit-ass film handling.

Debt ceiling .PDF constitutionality platinum coin

Deep fried cranes for the Alabama Holocaust Memorial.

Onion bhaji were delicious.

Why do I have bell hooks' "Feminism is for Everybody" open in my browser? I do not remember, but it must have been good.

Wow. Lead? Huh.

Lem Dobbs talks about Haywire and other stuff.

Bargain Bin Blasphemy.