Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Here's what we got so far:
An idea [Let's have a rock fest]

What do we need?

What do we got?
[Elbel would be a great place to do it.
-Needs:U-M approval. Affects date; budget.
-Good Side: Great location. No neighbors who complain. Easy access. Big. Good thing for campus area businesses.
-Bad Side: Likely to be more expensive and more of a hassle.]
[New Broadway park would be an OK place to do it.
-Needs: City approval. Affects date/Budget.
-Good Side: Few neighbors. New park smell. Good thing for Lower Town businesses. Less likely to have red tape.
-Bad Side: Harder to get to. Smaller. Don't even know the name of park. Parking?]
['CBN informal support]
[A coupla bloggers.]

Monday, April 18, 2005

Aw, ma, it ain't stealin'

...because he gives it away for free, baby. For free. Mmhm.

Get lo-fi autuer Animal (né Aaron Nemec)'s album Sawn Creator here.
It comes with artwork, you crafty bitches! Artwork! That you can print out and give to your mother!
You can also get a lot of his other songs here, at the Executive Bird download page. It's worth a listen.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Eager for Beaver?

Uh oh. There's trouble in Evil Beaver land.
A Chicago band, Evil Beaver were two women who played cock rock in the first degree. Cock rock so cok rockinest, in fact, that it must be called "cock raaaawk."
But now one of them, "Evil Evie," has grabbed the band name, hired two other drummers, and disavowed all mentions of Laura Ann Beaver (Laura Ann Masulo) on her "official" Evil Beaver website.
Woo! Hilarious drama ensues!
See, having seen them twice (both with Laura Ann), the hilarious part of this is that they're really not worth this level of drama. I mean, I can see going to one of their shows. They put on a decent cockrockery, but this is like hearing that one of one of the Heart sisters is going out on her own, or maybe that Stephen Pearcy is performing as RATT with new backing folks. I can understand wanting to get your merch back, but really, is Evil Beaver worth the hassle?
I mean, Christ, at what point do two women become mature enough to not fight over a band name like Malevolent Vagina?