Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Here's what we got so far:
An idea [Let's have a rock fest]

What do we need?

What do we got?
[Elbel would be a great place to do it.
-Needs:U-M approval. Affects date; budget.
-Good Side: Great location. No neighbors who complain. Easy access. Big. Good thing for campus area businesses.
-Bad Side: Likely to be more expensive and more of a hassle.]
[New Broadway park would be an OK place to do it.
-Needs: City approval. Affects date/Budget.
-Good Side: Few neighbors. New park smell. Good thing for Lower Town businesses. Less likely to have red tape.
-Bad Side: Harder to get to. Smaller. Don't even know the name of park. Parking?]
['CBN informal support]
[A coupla bloggers.]


Brandon said...

You actually decide to push this thing forward, I'll help however I can... promotion, band selection/recruitment, whatever. Great idea.

Josh said...

Heh. Guess I gotta get offa my ass and make some phone calls...