Saturday, April 06, 2013

I don't always have 40 tabs open

Deerhunter finally sounds like what I always wanted from Deerhunter albums: A bit more crunch.

"Bunnystyle" K-Pop from D:

Hackers automate hack writing.

Even though it never really goes anywhere, it's a great beat.

Ruth Barcan Marcus on consistency and dilemmas (TL;DR — inconsistencies are inherent to any moral structure). Also she should wrestle as "Barkin' Marcus," since that's a great name.

Black Tamborine fuzz pop yeah

Sun Dial fuzzy yeah but more My White Bicycle kinda psych.

The Boredoms and Fall are a bad sell for Go Genre Everything, but they're still good. They're rock with some Aussie Lora Logic vocals.

Remember the Iraq War? The Washington Post would like to politely not.

Marriage for same-sex couples via state's rights might be pyrrhic.

VICE, AIDS, Disney musicals.

The social science of our vicious, weird, gouge-y forebears .

If you've ever had a hankering for some kinda hallucinated nostalgia for a more innocent Ke$ha, Charlie XCX fills that contemporary desire.

What kind of data can we gather from internet usage in authoritarian regimes? (TL;DR: Who knows, but here're some interesting inferences.)

Bitch Magazine on traditional marriage.

Code Cartooning. Itsa tumblr.

The new The Knife album the shit.

The Dalai Lama got paid by the CIA. Also, Tibet/theocracies: Fucked up? Yeah.

The 100 most influential singles of the '60s. Yeah, it's Some Guy's List, but I'm enjoying listening to these and seeing him make his case. God love the internet.

Awesome Tapes from Africa is exactly that.

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