Monday, January 21, 2013

"You are a toad eater and a fawner."

Martin Luther brings the zings.

Whitney Hubbs

Not my favorite, but decent article on the danger of analytics. Are we only what we can measure?

Rap battle.

Visual playlist ("Watching Windows") by We Find Wildness. These names are pretty much perfect signifiers.

Hmm. Glass lens Holga? Really what bugs me about the Holga is the amount of light you lose through the plastic; I gotta imagine I'll still get fogginess through shit-ass film handling.

Debt ceiling .PDF constitutionality platinum coin

Deep fried cranes for the Alabama Holocaust Memorial.

Onion bhaji were delicious.

Why do I have bell hooks' "Feminism is for Everybody" open in my browser? I do not remember, but it must have been good.

Wow. Lead? Huh.

Lem Dobbs talks about Haywire and other stuff.

Bargain Bin Blasphemy.

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