Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I keep it fresh with my linkdumps

Gary Winograd's street shots: Mirror of self or world?

DJ Bonez McCoy's Trill Ass Car Mix vol. 10 or so.

Guess what? We tortured people. National shame.


A whole goddamn LFO album:

Do Afghan Women Need Saving? Interesting paper on relativism, autonomy and futility.

LA as Subject Weekly.

Interview on internet communities, circa '96.

Volokh folks on Miranda and Boston Bombers. More on Miranda and Boston.

Electrical banana and psych art.

Don't let Boston fool us into thinking war hawks are right.

Digital Public Library.

Glenn Greenwald on "why call Boston terrorism?" vis a vis other recent mass killers.

Elizabeth Harper KILLING IT 'All the Saints You Should Know' on feminism and self-mortification. Seriously, if I didn't know her, I'd have this up on MeFi tout de suite.

Residential art signs by Stanley Marsh. Marsh is best known for the Cadillac Stonehenge in Amarillo, Tx.

Topoquilts (note: Steal this idea.)

Rosa by Grimes. I didn't like Grimes when I first heard her, but finding out she doesn't always do the ethereal voice stuff (which sounds too much like Christmas music from children to me) has made me interested in finding more.

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momentarydogma said...

you can download all of the Trill Ass Car Mixes from I recommend volumes 4 and 8, but they're all dope.