Monday, June 13, 2005

Went to Chicago, got music.

At Dusty Grooves: Silver Apples, Contact.
Various Artists, Wheedle's Groove (Best of Seattle Soul and Funk)
Various Artists, Tryin' To Make Ends Meet (Best of Rare Detroit Funk and Soul)
Ike Turner, Black Man's Soul
Chairmen of the Board, Skin I'm In.

There's another album on that Skin I'm In one, but it isn't very good. Skin I'm In, from the liner notes, the band hated. Too bad it's awesome.
The Seattle comp blows, aside from a funked up Auld Lang Syne. Which is kinda retarded. Oh, I guess there are a couple of the female singer tracks on there where they tear it up, but I'm just not a huge afficianado of instrumental funk. Which is why even though the Ike Turner album is really good, it's not really my bag. The three tracks with Tina Turner on 'em are really great though. I had forgotten how awesome she was.

At Out of the Past:
Grand Master Melle Mel and the Furious FiveL s/t
Odetta, I Been Down.

The Melle Mel album is Ok. It was kinda neat to find it sealed, but the version of White Lines is pretty crappy. However, World War III and We Don't Work for Free are pretty cool. Still haven't listened to the Odetta album. I think I like her more in the winter.

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