Friday, October 07, 2005

It's Friday

And this is the first in the series of Weekend Mixes. You've got a week from You Send It. Download and enjoy.
The Mix. It's in zip form, then mp3s, but import it and make it a playlist. It's pretty good, if I do say so myself. I'm going to try to do this every Friday.

Khalid Of Space Pt. 2 12:31 Larry Young

I love the explosive feeling of this track, the centerpiece of Young's album Lawrence of Newark. It's got this insane drive to it, this feeling of drunkenly swerving behind the wheel of a car. It's too crazy for my girlfriend; it drives her up the wall.

Better Than That (Live) 8:39 Nomo

Local afrofunk from The Local Music Show. Absolutely fantastic to see live, this track is one of those that I have a hard time imagining life without, like it seems that it should always have existed and was always part of my experience.

Unknown 6:08 Tokyo Kid Brother

Like insane Japanese showtunes from the '60s or something. I picked up this album about a year ago from a friend, and since I can't read any Japanese, I have no idea what the tracks are or anything. All I know is the title and that this is the first track on there. Anyone wanna help me out?

(Open Up) The Crab 0:56 The Many Moods Of Marlon Magas

Magas was the co-founder of Bulb Records with Pete Larson. Larson says that the internet is killing him and he may have to shutter Bulb. Do us all a favor and support this sort of genius by buying something at Bulb Records.

White Boys 2:37 The Cast Of Hair

It's a fun song, innit? Yeah, I love cheese as much as the next guy. And what's wrong with white boys? The song has this funky bassline that you only get from the movie soundtrack. The musical recording's pretty weak, frankly, but the film has it goin' on.

Last House On The Enchanted 1:50 Black Moth Super Rainbow

These guys sent me a promo with about 20 songs on it, which sounds like a speak and spell and analogue synths on a dying tape machine. It's good and bad in equal doses, but this is a pretty good song to move things along.

Aum Shinri Kyo 1:58 DJ Sushi

Part of the Japanese dubplate subculture, DJ Sushi put out a series of insanely great 12"s and then jumped in front of a subway train right after he was discovered by an American on tour in Japan. Odd and sad, but great music.

I Need A Beat 4:33 LL Cool J

It's odd how electro rap used to be. Oh, and this is a burner forever, y'know? You can't not like this and have any soul.

DJ Dangermouse 2:42 Encore

The best album to come out last year wasn't anything original; it was the mashup of The White Album and The Black Album into this juggernaut of catchiness. Really, if you haven't heard this already, you need to. And here it is!

Things Could Be Better 3:05 Ernie And The Top Notes (Featuring Raymond Winfield)

From the Peanutbutter Wolf 45s collection, this is an under-represented soul gem. I've looked all over for more info on Ernie and the Top Notes, but couldn't find any anywhere. Little help?

Beast With A Gun 2:50 Animal

Lo-fi pop from Aaron Nemik, on the "Executive Bird on a Judicial Branch" label (which, I believe, only puts out his stuff). I don't feel bad about sharing this track, because it's on his website, but you should go ahead and give him some cash for his other stuff. It's fantastic, and he needs more press.

Rhyme Scene / Rhyme Dream 2:07 El Guapo

El Guapo has a plethora of infectious electro-meets-free-jazz weirdness and this is one of the best. Their album Super/System is their best, though the Geography of Dissolution (where they play a lot of these songs accoustically) is awesome too.

Hey Lord 3:25 Suicide

Off of a Ze Records Christmas compilation, this Suicide track is great for any time of the year.

Nous Sommes Bi-Bi Ba-Ba Baum-Baum 2:59 Les Lunaurs

Bi-bi-ba-ba-baum-baum is so catchy... Bi-bi-ba-ba-baum-baum... Bi-bi-ba-ba-baum-baum... From the Freak Out Montreal comp.

Everyday 5:22 Saturday Looks Good To Me

Off of one of their earlier albums, this SLGTM really sums up the best of their sound: Dubby weirdness connected with Phil Spector wall-of-sound soul. Amazing. I'm not a huge fan of where they've gone, but they've been some fantastic places.

Take Me As I Am 2:37 Denise & Co.

She's gonna fuck your friend and you'd better like it, or she'll kick your ass. From the Girls in the Garage vol. 1 comp.

Down Home Girl 2:31 Demolition Doll Rods

The Demolition Doll Rods can be either brilliant or crap, and here I think they're brilliant. Also from Bulb. You should really buy more from Bulb. That's your new mantra.

America 5:21 The Au Pairs

The Au Pairs were one of those post-punk bands that everyone loves to cite, but not too many people listened to. Here's a blistering (and topical) indictment of America. Since Bush seems determined to bring back the '80s, at least we'll get the good, angry music, right?

El Barrio 7:14 Joe Henderson
More jazz, because you can't have too much, can you?

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