Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ed Sanders

Well, I got a request for the Ed Sander's Truckstop album, and in particular two songs (which took me forever to find when I first looked for 'em since the requester and I made the same mistakes about what should be named what). But, with little ado, and minus a few songs that wouldn't fit on the 25mb storage space that I have, here's Truckstop. If you want the other songs, get ahold of me...

The Plaster Song

Popularized by Red Dorkus and his band, this is the tragic lament of the deliterious effects that plaster casters can have on a relationship.

Jimmy Joe the Hippybilly Boy

The awful tale of a boy misunderstood by his neighbors, but lauded after death. It also drives Amy up the fucking wall, and so I secretly enjoy it.

Maple Court Tragedy

Better known as "Polaroid Spread Shots," this is a classic of love and loss.

Heartbreak Crash Pad
Who hasn't had a special place that becomes impossible to return to due to the weight of memories?

The Illiad, a theme for America, would go here, but I had it up for a while and no one seemed to want it. Maybe I'll put it back up and take down some of these other ones soon.

The ABM Machine

Better known as "Are you a vampire, Melvin Laird," this song questions the evil within all of us.

Homesick Blues

Ed Sanders tackles the problem of the recently released poet prisoner returning home with his characteristic delicacy.


An Irish love song.

Breadtray Mountain

A sequel to "Hardrock Candy Mountain"? The plaintive fiddle sets this apart...

They're Cutting my Coffin at the Sawmill

Pretty self-explainitory.

Pindar's Revenge

The old country school is now a crashpad. If that doesn't break your heart, nothing will.

The Yodellin' Yippie is the other missing track that would prevent you from assembling the full album. It's another that I've put up before, but might be convinced to re-up.


George said...

Where is "The Illiad"?

geostrong said...

Another George would like to hear The Illiad, and where's the Yodelin' Yippie? Those were indeed the days, at least for music.

gasman said...

If it would not be too much trouble, I would be grateful for the 2 remaining songs as well. I had this album on 8-track but age got the better of it. If space is an issue, could they be emailed to me?

googlethis said...

Why in the world would you leave out "Johnny Pissoff"?

One of the best songs from one of the greatest albums ever.

e-mail the missing items to me at once, please.

Alexis said...


I bumped into your blog searching for the Truckstop album for a friend. Any chance you still have the remaining two songs to email? We both would sincerely appreciate it.

Please send them to

Thank you!