Sunday, February 24, 2008

In happier news

I started emailing back and forth with Chris Bathgate's uncle randomly on Metafilter (he knows the GLMS guys too), and he sent me this article.

Money quote that simultaneously illuminates why I like Brandon Zwagerman and why I like to make fun of him: "'I think his power lies in the synthesis of his haunting, vaguely accented vocals and his talent for writing songs that more often than not hit that bulls-eye in your chest called your humanity,' Zwagerman said."


geoff said...

I read that article too, Josh. I thought it sounded like a good free show to go see. Now that I'm a little bit more subdued, I can appreciate a venue like the Ark. The last time I went, it was to see the Holmes Brothers. They were awesome.

Josh said...

Yeah, I hope he gets out here sometime. But I'd think he'd have to make real loot to do West Coast.

Brandon said...