Friday, October 03, 2008

Joan's On Third

Mmm. Lunch.

Went to Joan's On Third with Phil for lunch. It's an upscale deli/diner with lots of pasta salads. Reminds me of the eatery that used to be in Hudson's when I was a kid.

After some dithering, both Phil and I went with the roasted corn soup and a grilled cheese (mine with a tomato).

The soup was excellent, creamy and well-rounded. It could have benefited from a little more pepper (I'm of the belief that restaurant soups should be seasoned the way I like them without any intervention from me), but for a simple lunch it was right on.

ps. Stole the image from Mikey Hates Everything which has more to say on breakfast at Joan's.

The grilled cheese was less exquisite, but still tasty. Good French bread, good cheddar, decent tomato. For some reason, adding a tomato to mine meant that it took some 15 minutes longer than Phil's, so I was lucky to have the soup. The sweet pickles (made with a crunchy whole seed I couldn't quite place) were fantastic, especially after having sub-par pickles at Label's the other day.

Total damage? $12. Price I would have been totally happy with? $9. A three dollar Beverly Hills surcharge? Yeah, but I'll probably be back. Beats the hell out of $9 at Label's.



My worst Beverly Hills Surcharge was $9 for a slice of pepperoni and a can of coke. Best lunch deal in BH? The Hilton World Headquarters cafeteria.

Josh said...

Where is that cafeteria? I'm curious now.


There's an alley that leads off the T-intersection of Civic Center Drive and 3rd St, near the backside of the Gibson hq. (You can park in the library garage for 2 hours free.) Go straight back to the loading docks, in the door, straight down the hallway, and veer right. I try to look innocuous when I go, but it probably doesn't matter.

It's office cafeteria food, so it likely won't blow your socks off. Nonetheless, very good for what it is, there's an excellent selection including plenty of veggie items, and for the most part reasonably priced. (More than I can say for just about every other casual dining experience in BH.) I usually hit the grill up, or if the lines are long I take my business to the baked potato stuffer.