Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weird Detroit music

My pal Geoff runs the Cousin's Vinyl record store and blog, and a couple days ago, he sent me a link to Our Lord's Space Ship, a bit of crazy Christiania masquerading as a country tune. While it's OK, it's a bit novelty for my tastes (I have a similar complaint about The Story of Suzie, a country ditty about a girl who ruins her life with marijuana cigarettes (who hasn't?).

But it did get me over there to listen to O Yes My Lord by the Voices of Conquest. Those drums are fucking killer, and that's exactly the sort of Gospel that I'd love to own if I had $150 bucks (damn!). I know that the Cousin's Vinyl guys are ripping the records so they can put them up on the blog (and, I hope, give buyers a copy on mp3, so they don't wear out their vinyl), so I hope I can get a copy of that track from them.

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