Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ann Arbor in sound

A pal asked me about a song from the great Ypsi punk band The Submarines, which I put on a recent mix (which I'll upload here pretty soon). Did I have any more stuff?

Well, yeah, I used to write about local music. I had plenty. So I started putting together this mix, and fussin' with it and fussin' with it… Basically, it's the best music that I found while I was working at Current, writing my column, and that I had digitized. Which means that some of it is actually from before I took over, some of it is from later (because I'm a goddamn cheater), and some stuff just isn't on there (Tadd Mullenix, for example, I had a tape with a fantastic version of Hyped Up Plus Tax… And I'm just not set up to rip my 7"s).

For some folks, though I can't imagine that there's actually a very significant overlap, a lot of these songs were on a CD I gave away for a contest when I was at Current.

And as soon as I get done uploading it, there'll be a longer version, which has a lot more weird stuff on it that just didn't fit on a CD.

Here's the link to the music.

And here is where I swiped the image from.

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