Monday, April 27, 2009

Tape deck!

Just got the $2 tape deck up and running after my old one decided that everything needed to be pitch shifted down a step.

First mystery tape:

Side A:

The Clash—Jail Garage Doors

Not a bad start, and the totally muddy sound makes sense. The Clash sound a thousand times more punk rock coming from a degraded tape.

Cash Audio—Capitol City Blues
Gov't Mule—Monkey Hill

Both of these tracks were on an old CMJ sampler, and go well together (both about capitol cities). Cash Audio totally peaked too early for the grotty bluze duo wave that came after them.

Big Chief—Liquor Talkin'

I loved these guys as the biggest thing that ever came out of Ann Arbor in the modern era. Too bad that they aren't as good as I remembered and totally disappeared. I think even Sponge is more remembered.

DJ Food—Nocturn

These guys were Coldcut mates who put out a draggy, druggy trip-hop album that was actually pretty good (mostly because of the bass tone). Because of the tape's condition, about all that's coming through is the bass, and it's pretty nice.

Belle and Sebastian—Me and the Major

Oh, yeah, I loved these guys. Whatever happened to them? They put out a bunch of albums of dubious necessity and dabbled in smoov 70s easy listenin'? OK, sure.


One of my favorite bands that never quite got it together. They put out an "electro" album when that was all flashy, except it sucked. Then they broke up and I forget what the main guy is up to now. La Scala? Maybe I should check them out.

Flying Saucer Attack—???

I can't tell what FSA track this is, but the muddy tape is perfect perfect perfect. I need to find them again.

Side B:

Blank? Ugh. I don't think I'll finish this one.

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geoff said...

One more side, one more side!

Comin' home this summer Josh be sure to call me, we'll have a campfire.