Saturday, March 20, 2010

Grind, grind, level


As most of y'all know, I took a wicked whip offa my bike two weeks ago, leaving me with a broken femur and ulna. Since then, I've been laid out, working on recovering as best I can with the invaluable help of more friends than I even realized I had. There's another blog for the recovery (, but I haven't been added as an author yet, so I'm writing this here.

So far, I've worked hard at the PT and gotten to the point where I can sit up, stand, walk with a walker, get to the bathroom (fracture pan to bedpan LEVEL UP bedpan to drop chair LEVEL UP to commode LEVEL UP to using the extension in the regular bathroom and wiping my own ass LEVEL UP), fix my own food (breakfast, lunch and dinner today). The exercises still hurt like a motherfucker and leave me wiped, but grind grind grind. It's like Final Fantasy without the level breaks. Still can't do stairs, and god knows when I'll be able to ride in a car or even type two-handed, but at least Amy's gone from worrying about 'round the clock care to being able to grab dinner tonight with her friend.

And throughout, I've been all overwhelmed and choked up at the awesome help from people all over—though the locals have been phenomenal.

So, just a note to let you all know that I appreciate this and am still working hard on my end.


Anonymous said...
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W.C.Camp said...

Hope you get better soon. My daughter broke her arm and it took a bit to get back to normal. But to break the Femur - that is a BIG BONE. Hang in there. W.C.C.