Sunday, April 03, 2011


So, I met my neighbor Tibor, it's his car. I ask if I can take a picture and he says yes.

"It is the most popular old Mercedes model in Armenia," he says.

"Great, man. I've just got this buddy that studies Armenia."

"This is for the protests, on April 26. Tell your friend that I will have flags on it for the parade. I'm not going to just leave it like this."


The twenty-sixth is the genocide protests.

"But America has not recognized the genocide because Turkey corrupts —"

"Yeah, and the NATO thing."

So I told him I'd take more pictures nearer to the protests, when he has the flags. I introduced myself, then scuttled back upstairs when I realized that I was, like, a good twelve years or so older than the kids and thus had nothing to talk about with them. ("I hear you like the G-6, like the G-6.")

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