Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Being either too cheap or too lazy to finally get the right connector card for my old ass Mac, and running just over 100 gig of music, I need to get rid of stuff I don't like, but keep a record of it so I don't download it again.

This comp, called "Tokyo New Wave '79!" with some gobbledy-gook metadata ("TV∞C™[∞W™[ 3:52 SEX „‘—ı∞j∞∑™[∞E∞F™[∞u'79 1/15/08 6:52 PM Rock 128 kbps 1 1979") all sounds like a buncha crummily-recorded Japanese punks, in a bad way. No hooks, terrible mush.


Leyna said...

I think I might have known you once. The internet is weird.

Josh said...

Well, if you're the Leyna from the Stabbing Westward board, I think I still have that mix cd you made around here somewhere. I found it after the move, but haven't seen it again.

Leyna said...
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