Friday, January 18, 2008

Y'know what I hate about children? They can't take a punch

Today (yesterday, technically, as I forgot to post this):

Played foursquare in the park on lunchbreak with Phil, Eric and Mailroom John. We played pretty much the full hour, and that was totally sweet, though I didn't get to eat most of my lunch. I did hit a kid with the ball, and she started crying. She was, I dunno, four or so? About mid-thigh high? However old kids are when they're about three feet. Anyway, I hit the ball into the corner, Eric went for it and missed, and it popped the kid. It didn't seem like a bad hit, and she was fine for a moment, until we started asking her if she was OK. Then came the waterworks.


deconstructo said...

The four year old was wearing thigh highs? Or did I misread that?

Josh said...

No, the kid was about as tall as the middle of my thigh. I don't know what age that corresponds to in a girl. Probably not old enough to drink.