Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Really, my blog is just how I remember to close tabs in my browser

Andrew WK's wife, Cherie Lily, has "invented" Houserobics. If Lily weren't obviously a different person from WK, I'd suspect this of being his ironic conceptual counterpart to WK's presentations of masculinity in rock, with the same values being funneled into a presentation of femininity in dance music. As it stands, they seem lucky to have found each other. Wish 'em the best.

For the Time Travel Blog I am now rapidly discarding ideas for (luckily, it's a group thing, so my stupidity and laziness won't inherently be fatal), this looks invaluable—a way to overlay historical maps over google's current ones. Crazy geo-cool.

And this Youtube search is how I've been reliving the weekend while I moan on the ground with back pain. If it hurts to much to really sleep, maybe Sleep's doom-metal stylings can numb me into a restful coma.

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