Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Mix!

Monday Mix!

The combination of having an mp3-radio thingy in the kitchen, so I can play music while I wash dishes, and needing random playlists for writing more (I'm writing more, can you tell? Every time there's a new blog entry, I'm slacking off from applying for jobs or writing!) has led me to toss together some stuff. I'll keep putting them up here until I get another job (even if I start selling more writing, that won't cut down on the slacking).

Meant to be listened to on shuffle (so no particular order):

Dur dur—Alex & Les Lézards—Dur Dur single

Things goin' on—Lynyrd Skynyrd—Lynyrd Skynyrd

Love Bones—Johnnie Taylor—Stax-Volt Soul Singles Vol. 2 (68-71)

Cowboy—Jon Spencer Blues Explosion—Orange

Yes My Skin Is Black—Jonny Clarke—Girl I Love You

Humrush—KMD—Mr. Hood

Your heavy dream (won't fly)—Alec Bathgate—Gold Lame

My Friend Joel—Lem Jay—Sonido Uzumaki

Temple of the Mental—Material ft. Killah Priest—Intonarumori


Hoja De Trebol—Los Grimm—Hoja De Trebol single

Big Science—Laurie Anderson—Big Science

Tell Me—Lesbians on Ecstasy—Tell Me single

Can't Play Around (Larry Levan Mix)—Lace—Atlantic Records (0-89927a)

Dub Revolution (Part 1)—Lee Perry & The Upsetters—Scratch: Lee Scratch Perry Arkology - Reel I

No Limitations—L*Roneous—Imaginarium

Mama Marimba—Jarman, Joseph & Don Moye—Black Paladins

Crippled Child—A Certain Ratio—The Graveyard & The Ballroom

A Vague Sense of Order (Bloody Miles Mix)—Anton Fier—Dreamspeed/Blindlight

You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve—Johnny Boy—You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve single

If you enjoy it, lemme know!

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