Thursday, March 17, 2011

Twosquare league results

Last weekend, Amanda and Josh played the inaugural league matches of the new season, with Josh taking both sets 2 to 1.

The first set, played with the green ball, scored: A 21, J 16; J 21, A 19; J 21, A 18. The second set, played with the larger red ball, scored: J 21, A 18; A 26, J 24; J 22, A 20.

In the second set, Amanda's 26 point victory tied the previous record, set by Carson. In both cases, Josh was the loser.

Josh and Amanda also played one game on Monday, with Amanda triumphing with the green ball: A 21, J 19.

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Lisa said...

i love thinking of you playing four square or two square in your driveway with your friends. you're the best.