Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Noise, libertarians, photographs, gossip

godheadSilo's "Elephantitis of the Night"

In which Crooked Timber asks well-meaning libertarians to abandon their vestigial nonsense.

And relatedly, Megan McArdle calls someone an economic idiot, and is rebuked for her irony.

Babel Tales by Peter Finch, a series of photographs where similar urban subjects are stitched together.

Hanna Putz's milk white Europeans

A fascinating discussion of the multiple narratives of the "TomKat" divorce.



Read the TomKat analysis and was disappointed at the lack of mention of Tom's genetic defect. Of course, that Katie produced a non-monsterbaby on the first try might have rendered the issue moot, but I still would have appreciated a shout-out to the good ol' Holoprosencephaly moonbats.

Josh Steichmann said...

Oh man, I remember Ikkuyu2 and that comment on MeFi getting blasted by Tom Cruise's lawyers.