Monday, November 01, 2010

Monday mixing!

Another zip of music to wash dishes to.

Again, meant to be shuffled. Good stuff, though, I think.

Too Much Fun—Too Much Fun—Muncie Sampler I
Bodies Adjust—Thunderbirds Are Now!—Justamustache
IEIEI—White Denim—Workout Holiday
Fell in Love—Vertex—Roots of Swedish Pop Vol 1 the Mod Years
Pyromaniac—The Verlaines—Juvenilia
All About My Fetti—Young Lay—New Jersey Drive, Vol.1
Look Out World—The Sliver Fleet
フリーダム—天井棧敷/東京キッド・ブラザース (Tokyo Kid Brother)—サントラ盤!! 書を捨てよ町へ出よう
Hoo-Bangin' [WSCG Style]—Westside Connection—Bow Down
Take A Stroll Through Your Mind—The Temptations—Psychedelic Shack
Listen People—Steve Marcus—Tomorrow Never Knows
She's An Angel—They Might Be Giants—Then
Zebra Ranch—Debris'—Static Disposal
Autobiography—Sloan—One Chord To Another
Set Me Free—TIn Openers
The Pros—The Roots—Game Ruffs
Scratchy—Travis Wammack—That scratchy guitar from Memphis
Stone—Small Faces—First Step
Time—The Parliaments—Testify! - The Best of the Early Years
Step it up—Stereo MC's—Connected
Rosewood—Woody Shaw—Rosewood
food & drink synthesizer—Unrest—Perfect Teeth
Over, Under, Sideways, Down—Yardbirds—Roger the Engeneer
You Don't Need A Doctor—The Robocop Kraus—They Think They Are The Robocop Kraus
Speed Limit—Tommy Lam—Dateless Night
Leather Wings—This Will Destroy You—This Will Destroy You
Third Uncle—Zongamin
Up Your Speed Ft Pyrelli—Sway—Up Your Speed
A View From Her Room (12")—Weekend—Archive
It Don't Mean Nothing At All—Valves—VA-Every One A Classic 4
Bootsie's Lament—Oneness of Juju—Bush Brothers and Space Rangers

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