Saturday, November 13, 2010

You can't teach French to a pig

So, since I gotta stop fighting with friends-of-friends on facebook pages, I'm putting this blog entry here so I can refer people to it any time they wanna mix it up.

That means every time someone starts spouting off about gay marriage, "socialism" or religion in government on social media and the discussion goes more than a couple comments, I'm going to refer people here.

Anyone else who wants to mix it up here is welcome.


Ambrosia said...

Here's something: I think "mix it up" is a stupid euphemism for incivility. The only thing that's improved by mixing up is peanut butter, the kind hippie peaceniks like me prefer.

Also, wtf French people not liking peanut butter? Pigs are right on that one. I assume pigs like peanut butter.

Bibi said...


Josh said...

But wait, incivility is the mixing up! It's not improved by it, it is it! And I like it because it reminds me of kids fighting in that "I'm just gonna start spinning my arms!" way.

Also, Turkish people hate peanut butter too. There was a radio show back in Ann Arbor called Pandora's Lunchbox, in which they played food-themed songs and ate, well, food, and they had one of the other DJs on as a guest, a Turkish guy named Yelchin. He'd never tried peanut butter, and freaked right out when he did. He thought it was the grossest stuff ever, which made for fantastic radio.