Monday, November 15, 2010

More music mondays!

162mbs of sweet, mixed-up action.

Jazz, metal, rap, Maroon 5, what more could you want?

Greenery—Quasimoto—The Further Adventures of Lord Quas
Animal Nitrate—Suede—Suede
I Never Want To See You Again—Quasi—Featuring "Birds"
Let's go dancin' (reprise)—Sparque—12"
This Love—Maroon 5—Songs About Jane
Folk Song—Michael Blake—Kingdom Of Champa
Thor (The Powerhead)—Manowar—Sign Of The Hammer
Intro To Rock—Marxy—Sonido Uzumaki
Money Money—Georgi McKay—Roots To Roots Vol .1
Sweet '69—Pink Mountaintops—Pink Mountaintops
The Rhythm—Gatsby The Great—Falling Up
Colours Move—Fuck Buttons—Street Horrrsing
Johnny Pissoff Meets The Red Angel—Fugs—It Crawled into My Hand; Honest
Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart—Terry Reid—Bang Bang, You're Terry Reid
Rahsaanica—Rahsaan Roland Kirk—Natural Black Inventions: Ro..
Agri Dagi Efsanesi—Mogollar—Anadolu Pop
I'm a Cadillac/El Camino Dolo Roso—Mott the Hoople—Mott
Kooler Than Jesus [Electric Messiah Mix]—My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult—Confessions of a Knife
Robot [7" Mix]—The Plastics—New Wave Complex Vol.4
Girl Friend—The Modern Lovers—The Modern Lovers
Perfect Kiss—New Order—Substance
Ain't Been to No Music School—The Nosebleeds—Streets (BEGA1 Vinyl)
Isn't it a pity—Galaxie 500—On Fire
You're My Miss Washington, D.C.—Nation of Ulysses—13-Point Program To Destroy America
Sang And Dance—The Bar-Kays—Stax-Volt Soul Singles Vol. 2 (68-71)
Down Down—Status Quo—Misc Oldies
Like That—Stat Quo—Aftermath Music
Never been a night like this—The Quads —Single
The Oil Runs Out—Newtown Neurotics—Single

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