Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Detroit 442

Julian Cope, the last living rock 'em sock 'em journo, compiled a great mix of Detroit RAWK (as Big Daddy P might bellow on the Riff).

It's full of great sides, with a lot of stuff that I remember getting to play around with when I was working with the guys, like a couple of the Terry Knight sides that are surprisingly awesome given what a tepid catalog the dude has, and there were some new-to-me gems, like the Mynah Birds (a Rick James/Neil Young collabo that sounds mythic). My tastes for Michigan music are a little more eclectic than this sampler, but props to Cope for keeping it tight. It's also a handy reminder for the fuzzmonauts out there as to what Detroit rock used to sound like (just try to listen to Pas/Cal after a diet of this stuff).

My ongoing hope is to one day track down enough of the late 70s/early 80s 45s to make a real No Detroit comp, with The State, Laughing Hyenas, Destroy All Monsters, etc. on it. Oh, and Was (Not Was) from back when they brought the weird funk… But now that Art Lyzak just moved to LA, maybe I should content myself with trying to force him to reissue the Mutants discog…

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