Monday, January 24, 2011

Twosquare league results

On Saturday, Amy quickly took two games against Josh, 21-14 and 22-20, respectively, to win a best-of-three in two.

On Monday, Josh beat Carson in a nine game tournament, two matches to one. The matches were scored as follows:

C 21, J 15; J 21, C 19; J 24, C 22. Result: Josh
J 21, C 18; C 21, J 18; C 22, J 20. Result: Carson
C 21, J 19; J 24, C 22; J 21, C 19. Result: Josh

Carson honed his new super-move, as yet unnamed, in which the ball comes to a sudden and surprising stop. Josh continued good all-around play and emphasized fundamentals. For the course of the game, both wall and ceiling were "in."

A new court is required before future play. Carson was given access to the score documents, and may thereby play league games.

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