Friday, January 14, 2011

Lead singer of Broadcast, Trish Keenan, has died of H1N1 and pneumonia


Sailormom said...
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Sailormom said...

What a shame. I came across this

“A friend in Birmingham who had become good friends with Keenan in recent years has passed me THIS LINK for a “mixtape” she gave him very recently. It’s the most wonderful collection of psychedelic rarities, film music and synthesiser experiments, and perfectly illustrates Keenan’s constant mission to turn people on to exquisite and unusual sounds - but also, as the tracks are not titled, shows the sense of mystery and incentive to investigate with which she imbued all her work.”

I tried to post the link here but it didn't work. But if you go here

you can download the file.

Josh said...

I think that the spam-catcher caught that. I'll put it up on the front page.