Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bike Cookin'; Farmers Market and back!

So, after getting up on my bike last weekend, found out that my rear wheel was bent. OH NO! BIKE FUCKED?

Yesterday, rode it down to the Bike Kitchen, met some volunteer named Matt who was really cool and shepherded me through replacing two spokes, then doing some general maintenance. I I cleaned my chain, fixed my derailleur and my brakes (too loose, I found out, since I couldn't really get a feel for how they reacted without riding), then found similar enough tools at home to fix them again. I gotta figure out how to actually reconnect my saddle cable, but as the quick release hasn't been opened in years, and takes more than my casual weight to move the little lever, I'm not as worried. Still, Amanda did get her seat stolen out here… 

Today, rode the bike down to the farmers' market on Hollywood and Ivar. Three point eight miles each way, but totally doable. Do need to figure out a way to balance my backpack better because it was totally wonky on my back.

Also, word-nerds? Can I get a ruling on punctuatin' the farmer's/farmers/farmers' market? Attorneys general, right? So, if they owned something, attorneys' general? Or attorneys general's? None of it looks right. Don't get high and edit, I guess.

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