Sunday, August 15, 2010

Misogyny? In my comics?

The new Scott Pilgrim movie opened near me, and I was trying to get Amy to see it. Sorry, she says, looks too misogynist. I take a moment to think about the plot—a guy wins his girlfriend by defeating her seven exes—and went, Hmm, yeah, I can see that. I think I heard that the comic book dealt with that well, but her point of not wanting to pay $9.25 to find out whether the movie did was pretty convincing.

I googled around some, and it looks like Amy's right. Probably not gonna see it.

Maybe I should just buy the book. I remember liking the issues I read, and that a pal of mine had a t-shirt with Pilgrim on it, but that's about it (so it's probably time for a reread).

Then again… Debbie Schlussel somehow makes me want to really see not only Scott Pilgrim, but also The Expendables and Eat, Pray, Love, though I'm not sure whether the four Marxes EPL gets makes it better or worse than the three Marxes for Scott Pilgrim. (I'm also confused as to why she uses all Karls—I'd love to see a movie rated Groucho, Chico, Harpo or even three and a half Zeppos).

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