Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The mix.

So, Brodie's always driving me around, and he's got this New Wave Bowie fixation, though he doesn't know it. He's always got The National on, or some other band that sounds like "Let's Dance." And because I'm a goddamn nerd who can't keep his mouth shut, I'm all like, "You might like the Comsat Angels."

Anyway, I made this mix for him. I enjoy it, it's pretty good. It's a lot of stuff that I like but don't listen to all that often on here, plus Sparks, who I try to work into every conversation. "You also feel pants-Angst? The Sparks happen to have a very lovely tune about that."

It's got the playlist in there, but here it is again (also with the times).

Troubled Son 2:50 Businessmen & Ghosts Working For A Nuclear Free City
Rollercoaster 7:50 Sound Of Confusion Spacemen 3
(Do The) Empty House 3:31 Sleep No More Comsat Angels
Heat-Fire 3:28 Me And You Cherry Red Vampire Hands
07 Never Turn Your Back on Mother … 2:28 Propaganda Sparks
The Affectionate Punch 4:20 The Affectionate Punch The Associates
Swing 6:24 Gentlemen Take Polaroids Japan
Man Who Dies Every Day 4:13 Ha! Ha! Ha! Ultravox
dolly mixture - new look baby 2:05 Baby, It's You Dolly Mixture
4_He's_On_Drugs_Again 4:26 Presents Sardina
mess up your hair 4:49 Workout Holiday White Denim
High Numbers 4:51 Sangre Libre Viva L'American Death Ray Music
zombie love 3:06 the gift of music the jazz butcher
S.P.Q.R. 3:29 Deceit This Heat
If JFA Were Still Together 4:44 Sans Muscles Majesty Crush
Souvlaki Space Station 5:59 Souvlaki Slowdive

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